Can’t resist a bit of blatant self promotion and ego-ism here. Last month I had two letters from readers which were so complimentary you’d think they were written by my Mum! Can’t resist including them:

“Your novels are amazing – completely absorbing, marvellous characters and compelling storylines. We started (oddly) with Choral Society and worked out way backwards somehow – The Gardener has gone the rounds and is a treasured gift for gardening friends – Leaving Patrick was thrilling ……….”

“… An anonymous lettercard to thank you for writing such a superlative book – “Choral Society” which I have just read and found very hard to put down (a very rare occasion!). You research and character development are amazing and I am not in the least surprised that it took from years to complete. You are made of sterling stuff to work so consistently on such a project.

Quercus have printed a superb book – just the feel of it starts the enjoyment, the title, the cover and whole set out are splendid.

I look forward to reading your previous novels and just want to thank you for this absolutely delightful and absorbing book. I belong to a small choir and it was the title which beguiled me! …”

P.P.S. Please check back to my last blog for photos of Verbier and for the updated version of Chapter One of my next novel (or just click here!).